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I paid for an in-game item and never received it



  • Amand Aaron stocm

    2 times I paid for the custom bundel now and still haven't gotten any custom bundels yet I have restart the app and even the phone there is no restore purchased button so please resolve this issue please

  • Amand Aaron stocm

    Pff still waiting for the custom bundel 2 times if not possible please send me my money back then

  • nicola7171

    Salve o fatto un acquisto su archery club ma si i soldi ve li siete presi ma l acquisto non lo ricevuto come fare?

  • Wdwafi

    Hello I paid for for a huntalisk x50 at WDWAFI account. Payment was successful and it's not visible yet. May I ask for support?

  • Melissa Boling

    I paid 20 bucks for a rare item along with a chest and gems and I haven't received anything, this so wrong and it shouldn't take hour's, I think this is the last time I will spend on this game

  • Lukaszb 010b

    Zapłaciłem za pakiet diamentów 2razy jeden otrzymałem drugiego już nie

  • Harry Holden

    I bought the Thor character and didn’t get it so tried to buy again it’s took my money twice and not given me anything.

  • DeShawn Spivey

    I paid for the Aztec pack and never received it

  • Emin Kara

    Oyundaki ilk yükleme bonusunu 2 kez satın almama rağmen oyun bana paketleri vermedi yardımcı olurmusunuz lütfen

    Oyuncu kimliğim


  • Cassandra Funderburk

    I paid for an in app purchase this morning from when I completed level 36 pro pass but didn’t receive it, it was taken out of my bank account, I’m going tomorrow to rebuttal it if I don’t receive it, it was a green chest and fashion chest!


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