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What is the maximum level of a dart?



  • Michael Grundon

    So over 1 month now and no response to my question..I have a few other questions but not going to waste my time here..VERY disappointing to say the least..

  • Problem Child

    Yea. Same here. And then when they finally do answer. It's like they didn't understand. Or you just get a generated response. I have many questions too. But not worth the frustration.

  • Sheila Duckworth

    Ads won't play so I'm loosing coins and rewards when I get a victory or support chest. Says ad not available

  • Martin ožďan

  • Lakatos Ludovic

    Hi! I have a problem with my account on the new phone that I can't login to the account with the name **COVID-19** level 18 and on the new phone I am a beginner level 1 with a different name

  • Its9ball

    If you are going from Android to IPhone or IPhone to Android you will not be able to get your old status back, you will need to start all over.

  • James Ritchey

    Lakatos, it doesn't go by name, it goes by the ID in settings

  • K10hill

    If what you say is true android vs iPhone, that is the biggest piece of sht I’ve heard! They better figure that out. I will be changing my 5* rating to 1*. I’ve worked hard to get my dart quality where I want it! Start over. That’s bull.

  • Cathy Schultz

    If you had cloud activated, it's there


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