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The game has stopped working



  • Vanessa Eaves

    The game keeps saying slow internet connection, but all my other games work. I have turned my phone off and back on. Nothing works. I even uninstalled & reinstalled the game.

  • Mohanad

    Hello, I have an account. I logged out and now I cannot return, noting that the account is linked to Google Play, otherwise I can return. Please help

  • William Jusseaume

    I keep losing connection but my internet connection is very strong. This has costed me greatly.
    I've lost gems and thousands of coins!

  • Vincent Worster

    Hi, a new League season has started on team wars but neither me or my team mates can enter it for some strange reason

  • Bianca van der Mierden

    Ik heb hetzelfde probleem als Vincent Worster. Ik al een aantal x het device uitgeschakeld en opnieuw opgestart maar niks werkt. Graag hulp.

  • Juan Ortiz Martínez

    after the last update the game crashes. After winning the games, it hangs and I lose everything, I restart the phone and the game and everything remains the same.

  • David Loki

    I have the same problem of Juan Ortiz Martinez. I downloaded the last update and the game crashes after each game. I can't play and lose points despite winning

  • Frankrenske73

    Hallo i Played and win then the game chrashes. After reloading the Keys are gone and i get no Pointe and no Chests.


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