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I made an in-game purchase by mistake / I’m not satisfied with the purchase



  • Kapil gupta

    Please return my gems

  • dima.antropov.2005

    made a random purchase in your game
    I wanted to watch an ad randomly clicked on the purchase pvletts stood on the touch ID button and accidentally made a purchase that I absolutely do not need

  • Aaronslaten1

    1) Ability to Search a person instead of a Club makes more sense. Not interested in sending invites to ones already in a club. 2)Deciding who starts needs work. I went 18 games in a row going 2nd. That's not right. Why not have a shoot out for Each game, not just Cricket. Or fix your "ALGORITHM" 18 games in a row not starting first isn't right. Even your "Usual Algorithm" isn't fair at 5-1. I will no longer purchase anything unt this gets fixed

  • Januar

    My id is VGSSMVHN. I already have top up for vlad and premium pass. But i cant receive anything. Please solve this problem


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