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I've encountered a technical issue not covered by this FAQ



  • David Clickner

    Extreme Car Sports issue - I am posting this comment here because you didn’t have a category for this game. The issue is that I lose all my coins when the bonus round comes up and right after I earned coins twice for watching the ads. If your going to take away all the point at the bonus round then stop giving the opportunity to get coins right before the bonus round.

  • Enrique Capote

    I lost my leader role a player was promoted to leader accidentally on promotion to many THE KRAKEN IS LEADER

  • Thomas Blatt

    S25RrQ7gImi5FdGTrixa2xFZDqOxja6uryu1Ezf5+S9zen/sQndeGNvyU1wytvrwjEAhY4fbBCJFg5uMy/4JRQGhnofNg0mLm5F6/EloJZ7d9p6YnN7Ote1WZMFbO2M2M+5CLbtuBwaL05vVqu1IBw== event happened after multiple hours of game play. Love the game though

  • Paweł Marczak

    Mogę wysłać zdiecia już 3 raz film nagroda był nie dostępny monety karty i inne przepadły. Co następny. Razem?

  • Derrick

    I'm not receiving my XP points I'm upgrading my darts and my number up there ain't moving I should already be on the next level or two I don't know how long it's been doing it


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