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How are Club Points calculated?



  • ✪Ha®d✪

    Zagrałem w mecz klubowy. Nie zdobyć punktów za wygraną, nie ubyło kluczy. Zestawy, które grałem wykorzystałem 

  • Lakatos Ludovic

    Hi! I have a problem with my account on the new phone that I can't login to the account with the name **COVID-19** level 18 and on the new phone I am a beginner level 1 with a different name

  • Vincent Worster

    For 3 seasons now my team have won their league marksman 2 and nobody has received any rewards, why?

  • Nicolas Lomaglio

    It's been at least four wars in a row that my club didn't received any rewards for winning and it's this for same for my points, I won all my games and my points doesn't cummalulate propuly


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