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I've encountered a technical issue not covered by this FAQ



  • edwolf2

    Olá, perdi mais de 700 troféus, sem nenhum motivo. Perdi 3 posições no rank mundial, issome frustrou muito, e não foi a primeira vez, a anterior perdi menos troféus até pq foi logo no início.
    Versão do jogo 1.0.9/ android 7.0
    Aparelho lg k10 power(lg m320tv).

  • Theo Brugman

    Hello I made a payment to get some gems but I did not get the gems while the amount it did cost is of my bank acount. Can you pls help

  • Cameron Hodgson

    I have purchased the season pass. It was working well until just yesterday when the days went back to around 13 and now it won’t give me the new boxes.
    Please advise

  • Kerito

    i paid for premium pass and got nothing at all nothing not even the season hunter help me pls ...

  • Nn

    Cannot play cooperation mode with friends for 2 days, keep loading cannot get in

  • Arman

    With today last update mad doctor is bugging, in coop mode about stage 20 stucks dont give 8%, give 1-2% only and dps is falling, what happened? Help pls

  • Godly Glitched

    I was playing offline at night and suddenly it asked me what account to change to, they where both the same so I chose one, but it lied and I lost all my gold and gems... samsung android tablet please help ty!

  • Kaelin fletcher

    I bought around 30 tiers with gems yesterday around 6pm, I made sure to get to tier 50 last night to get Cthulhu, made sure he was in my inventory, since I’m in the process of moving, was super excited to play him. Looked to play him this morning and he wasn’t there at all in my inventory even though I bought him with gems in the pass! Please fix this issue as I worked so hard and used a lot of my gems to get him and then never received him. This needs to be resolved!

  • Tassio Nóbrega santos

    I changed my game connection to ganecenter/ios and lost all my gems

  • Chris

    Hi, I longed into a new phone I got and tried syncing up with it, and when I did and finished the tutorial, I said I already got all the rewards and such, but said I had 0 trophies and no characters, I had roughly 5k trophies and 18ish characters, my username is GaredTheGoat


    update, I got 13 of my characters back, but I’m still missing 9 more and they all have gone back to level 1, I’ve checked my profile and it said I had 22, I did get my trophies back tho

  • Alvaro Baztan

    i paid for premium pass and got nothing at all nothing not even the season hunter. Mi is IURAHPQE, playing with a Xiaomi 9, android pone.

    Please fix this.



  • Anthony frost

    I kept getting time error message (ssl) I logged out and when I logged back in all my data has gone!! What even is this...... you should state it’s still in beta I want my progress back please

  • Sufian Yap

    Hi. I want to buy the season pass for the latest season but it indicates i already own the item. I have previously bought a season pass for the old season. Please help. Im trying to support by giving you guys money! Hahaha

  • Alistair

    I bought the premium pass and I didn’t get It. ID is JZZFCLJV and name is ZENKI lvl 41

  • Joe mcphatter

    I purchased hunter pass and it says I have it but I don't.

  • James Frost

    Device Name: James' Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G
    My player name is moveabletense24 and something happened with my connection and asked for me to choose between two saved data's. I chose the one that said recommended and now I've lost all of my data. I had purchased zeus character and levelled him and many more characters up as well as bought gems and now it's all gone.

  • Igod Legend

    I purchased both the Premium Pass and the Hunters Pass. My premium pass still works but my HUNTERS PASS has stopped. I tried to renew subscription but it says it's already activated. Please help.

  • Gar tovi

    Purchased the Hunters Pass and it says its active but do not get the benefits. User ID LGLYQSBF. User name Rooki.

  • Jack

    After the new update (season 6) I’ve lost almost all trophies on all characters. Is there anything that I can do to get them back? Had nearly 2000. If you can check some way that would be great cause I can’t get the rewards anymore

    user id - COROETRN

  • Stefano Lafranconi

    Hi, i have a problem with co-op match, It never found a partner. Also i cannot see more the friends list.

    User id: SteLafra

  • David Jesus Rebelo da Silva sousa

    Error de carga en modo cooperativo, los amigos, el correo y el Clan han dejado de funcionar. Solución?

  • Raizen934

    Bonjours je n'ai plus aucun amis plus de clan plus de coopérative merci

  • Rodrigo Afonso Dias

    Hoje abri o Hunt Royal e tinha ouro negativo. Não sei se foi de me beneficiár do bug do baú do clã mas se foi não tem razão alguma para ter ouro negativo pois o erro não foi meu e sim da empresa. Não tenho muitos detalhes mas tem uma pessoa do meu clã que teve o mesmo problema
    Também tenho um problema de dizer que eu estou sem clã e aparece-me a lista de clãs para eu entrar sendo que eu não fui banido do meu clã
    Android: 7.0
    Marca de celular: Wiko
    Modelo: Kenny
    Nome do jogador: RodrigPro
    Id do jogador: JFBUJVEL
    Versão do jogo: 1.1.6

  • Mekler

    Identifiant : wxouctzj
    A cause du bug des coffres de clan , je me retrouve en gold négatif ! Vu la somme à rembourser je ne pourrais jamais payer ce crédit de pièces ! Je n ai plus d intérêt intérêt jouer.... soit vous trouvez une solution soit je desinstalle. Je ne pourrai jamais payer cette somme ! Ce n est pas ma faute si votre jeu est mal programmé

    Username: wxouctzj
    Due to the bug with the clan chests, I find myself in negative gold! Considering the amount to be reimbursed, I could never pay this coin credit! I no longer have any interest in playing .... either you find a solution or I uninstall. I will never be able to pay this sum! It's not my fault your game is programmed wrong

  • zen-a

    I have a problem with a co-op match where it has never found a partner. Also, you can't see any more friends lists or clans.
    Player id 979987-B12C-49BB-83E5-136B6FC0F902

  • Pau escartin

    Good afternoon. My ID player is XKOEJZZC and l payed 4000 gems but they never appeared in my game. You have to fix that

  • Joe

    I've paid for the subscription but its been days since the new season and I have no benefits, I have screenshots

  • Elixor22


    Identifiant : VDCGYYQS

    Je ne peux pas jouer en mode coopération, je ne peux également pas aller dans l’onglet clan je ne vois pas de liste d’amis et mes stats également ne sont pas mis à jour elles sont bloqué pouvez vous corriger ça ?


  • RegronGamingPL

    Player ID: XFGRQMAY
    Username: RegronGamingPL

    After update 1.1.7 i got -70k Gold and now i have -66k Gold on my account. Its not our fault that i can open that much Clan chests, you do it wrong so you should give that Gold back to everyone

  • PyRoX67

    Username: xXPyRo67Xx

    After the last upeate about fix clan chest, i get negative gold, now i have -77,174, and i cant level up or buu any, the problem was about ur error, u cant make this to us, now there is no way to play


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