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Where can I find my stats and all darts parts?



  • Michael Grundon

    I see that pop up *Dart Parts however, I can not choose any of MY Darts from the do you select another one from your selection of darts?

  • Martin Kokoska

    Hello, but people are colossally fucking I play it for more than two years my account is nick cryters and I just changed the phone several times but I do not know why now but all the level equipment has disappeared as you can return it I bought items there and there's nothing and I haven't played it for three years so that when I finally have max I have balls sorry my english is not good trenslate this czech now Dobrý den, ale lidé tohle je smad vtip. Hraji to více než dva roky. Můj účet je nick cryters a ja jsem několikrát změnil telefon, ale nevím proč teď, ale mi uplne veškeré vybavení zmizelo, mohl by mi to nejaky admin pripsat zpet Koupil jsem tam položky a nic tam není a tři roky jsem to nehrál jen ze srandy, takže až budu mít konečně maximum, budu mít konecne vse a ted hovno je to prasarna !!! Ocekavam od vas napravu

  • Scott

    I've not been playing this game very long. However I've been playing long enough to know that it's y'all job to pair the players up as close as possible. I'm a level 10 just turned level 11. For the past 3 days I've been having to pay against all level 12, 14 . I really don't think your pairing me very well this isn't only frustrating but it also makes me lose points and rank within my club. . Every single match in tournaments I'm paired with a player at least 2 ranks higher but most 3 to 4 higher. Is it possible to match me a lil closer to my skill level. I know y'all have a algorithm you go by but you don't have to choose my account every time I play. It's became almost to the point of believing it's disrespectful. Plz use someone else for y'all's algorithm issues. I'm tired of being a step stone for the higher level to use. Thank you.

  • Lakatos Ludovic

    Hi! I have a problem with my account on the new phone that I can't login to the account with the name **COVID-19** level 18 and on the new phone I am a beginner level 1 with a different name

  • Jeffrey Kratzberg

    Why can't I buy anything it just says bye don't give me a price and then I'll push it and don't do nothing how can I fix that


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