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How does the scoring work? Why does the number of trophies received or lost after a match vary?



  • Tim grambling

    On my second game of summer cricket I had 1 win and just lost my 1 st game which I seen the scoring issue the first time, but was unsure because I’ve never experienced this with this game. I paid attention and sure enough, on the second game my first darts thrown after I lost the throw off, we’re
    1x20, and then
    1x20 it closed out the 20’s but did not give me my extra 40 points. And then at the end of the game, after I won, instead of giving me my win, i was scored with a loss.

  • Syahril Hasani

    Would be able explain further, in details, on how the scoring mechanism works. Simply saying one will score more after beating a higher scoring opponent is vague. How is one determined to be a ‘higher scorer’ than the other?

  • Problem Child

    I would also like an answer to that question please. Also what is ELO?
    To me it's an awesome band from the 70's. Electric Light Orchestra


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