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What is the meaning of Dart Attributes?



  • Mr. McMaken

    So if stability is explained as your swipe being more precise and aim is explained as your swipe being more accurate my question is what's the understood difference between synonymous words precision and accuracy?

  • Syahril Hasani

    So in general, what would be the ‘target’ stats one should have on their darts? Should one follow the stats found for the ‘Imperial’ darts; i.e. Legacy Dart?
    Low Power,
    Higher Sensitivity & Aim,
    High Stability?

  • IceBurgSlim77

    Stability makes your dart more steady before you begin to swipe. For example if you hold the dart in one spot without moving your finger the dart will Bob up and down on it's own. They also sway side to side a bit. The higher your stability is on the dart the less it will move while holding it still.

  • Freddy Urquides

    What does MPR MEAN in the stats for yourself

  • Dan Yates

    Why am I not progressing into the realms of epic and legendary darts and parts?

  • Michellegermaine5

    Not getting credit for throwing my key games!!

  • Lakatos Ludovic

    Hi! I have a problem with my account on the new phone that I can't login to the account with the name **COVID-19** level 18 and on the new phone I am a beginner level 1 with a different name

  • Arayma Simpkins

    Wow the answers a bit slow 🤣
    Mpr means marks per round.
    Its a cricket stat

  • John Oliveira

    I can't be the only one with this problem but the app just crashed at 9:56 on the West Coast I'm in California. So please do not penalize me for any trophies because I lost a key in order to play a war game because your app keeps crashing on me and it's not my phone it's the app. Thank you


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